Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I love Vivienne Westwood so much it hurts my heart

Have been fortunate enough to receive some vouchers for Selfridges and hotfooted down there for the sale. This top wasn't supposed to be in the sale, but miraculously, my planets were aligned that day, and so I still got LOADS of money off it. (See it here at Selfridges.com)

All the draping and cutting and gathering and off centredness is just gorgeous and it fits beautifully. I really want to make a Viv tribute bag now. Bye bye sleep.

Ding a ling a ling! Round 2...

Getting there slowly...

Sample two - war & peace

Thursday, 24 June 2010

A top secret project

Work in progress
Have been working out how to create a pattern for an ipad cover that fits snuggly. Oh, the pain and anguish. Two patterns down the line and it's either too tight or too loose. I just can't settle for nearly right. And so the measuring will continue.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

My mum is brilliant. But an incredibly bad influence.

"Daarling, you simply must get a metre of this. And ooooh, look at that! It would go so well as a lining for blaaahhh!" Etc. Ad infinitum. We went to the Liberty fabric department. We left weighed down with brilliantly bulging Liberty bags and significantly lighter wallets. Have got a cracking little project on the go, so it was a well timed visit. I keep dreaming about it. Best get on with it and then maybe, just maybe I can get some proper sleep!

What happens when one goes to the Liberty fabric department with my mum "just for a quick look"

Monday, 14 June 2010

A ridiculously over the top bag for Big Sis's allotment

Well, if one must toil in the fields my darlings, then one must do it in style! I figured that plenty of pockets were essential, it needed to be fully washable, big enough to accommodate pretty much everything and solid enough to stand up by itself. Kinda failed on the last point, but I didn't have any stiffer material to hand. The corsage however, surely makes up for any number of other failings...

A bag with a million pockets of different sizes for an allotment obsessed sister (corsage essential in these situations, darling)

Saturday, 5 June 2010

My new favourite word

Saturday Friday business

Started my new job adventure last week and thought I'd have a play around with the logo on some material as I want to make a laptop cover. Used Dylon Image Maker to transfer a simple b/w print, but alas, it glues the paper AND the print so all the negative spaces in between the letters go a wierd waxy texture that looks like weak milk. Or something. No matter. Back to the drawing board.

Little Sis's bag! Completed! At last!

What with volvano clouds stopping the pattern from arriving from America, the nightmare I had doing a test run (my first experience with cheap interfacing (never again) and sewing a curve onto a straight line) and shedloads of work getting the way, I finally got this off in the post this morning. Not quite as per the original commission, but reasonably close. I like the colours, I think the flowers could be better spaced (but this is for Lil Sis to decide as they are moveable) and I love the polka dot lining.

Lucy's bag