Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Spring clean!

I've decided to get rid of my stock from 2011 in order to allow for new creative energy to enter my life! And possibly to allow for some space under my desk ;-)

Thus I have a number of 2nd generation Kindle sleeves and iPad sleeves (that fit both 1 and 2) that are looking for a new home, for FREE!

If you'd like one, then just email me your address (you can access my email from the right hand column labelled "Get in touch" on this page) and I will send you a random one in the post. Hurry, cos once they're gone, they're gone. Or whatever the adverts say.

The sleeves are made from natural materials where possible, using recycled fabrics and many of them are pure silk. There are more manly ones as well feminine ones.

Some sample silky numbers:
Silk kindle sleeves

Go on, you know you want one.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Time for a spot of reflection

At about this time last year I did a recap of everything I'd made in 2010. It involved listing out everything I'd made with some nice thumbnails from my Flickr stream. I do think it's quite important to reflect on what has gone before in order to decide where to head in the year to come.

But I don't think I could list everything I made in 2011; I've not kept count as I have done a mental amount of making. So instead I'm thinking about what I've learnt.

I'm proud that I took a massive leap into the unknown by deciding to try and sell some of my makes; I was so terrified at my first stall I had to pretend to myself I was selling for someone else in order to get over my very British embarrassment. I made a tiny weeny bit of money, yes, but more importantly I've had positive feedback about my work and met some excellent people - fellow crafters, interesting customers. Worth its weight in gold that is.

Cally Fest:
My stall at The Cally Fest

Burnham Market Craft Fair:
Burnham Market

Old Spitalfields Market:
Setting up

Old Spitalfields Market
(Attempting a "less is more" approach for my second stall at old Spitalfields Market. Alas, more is always more whenever I'm involved)

I've managed to get a lot better at different aspects of my craft: I'm all over zips now, feel much more confident with quilting larger size quilts due to my magnificent walking foot, can draft a pattern for simple objects with some zest, and have experimented with lots of different fabric types.

I have been incredibly lucky to get access to some wonderfully eclectic collections of fabric. Both my Mum and step Mum have helped to swell my stash with donations from their own attics as well as from their friends. I have run out of storage! Fortunately The HusWife and I came across a chest that someone had left at the side of the road the other day and we (he) managed to manhandle it home. But that's for another post.

I'm very much looking forward to another year of sewing. I'm going to do some playing around methinks. Try some techniques out, do some samples and try to find my textile voice. All I know is that learning the craft of sewing makes me very happy; a wonderfully hands on release after a day job spent at a computer. A great balance.

Happy New Year everyone :-)