Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Spring clean!

I've decided to get rid of my stock from 2011 in order to allow for new creative energy to enter my life! And possibly to allow for some space under my desk ;-)

Thus I have a number of 2nd generation Kindle sleeves and iPad sleeves (that fit both 1 and 2) that are looking for a new home, for FREE!

If you'd like one, then just email me your address (you can access my email from the right hand column labelled "Get in touch" on this page) and I will send you a random one in the post. Hurry, cos once they're gone, they're gone. Or whatever the adverts say.

The sleeves are made from natural materials where possible, using recycled fabrics and many of them are pure silk. There are more manly ones as well feminine ones.

Some sample silky numbers:
Silk kindle sleeves

Go on, you know you want one.


  1. Got one for me dad?

    Mr Desai
    10 Jansons Rd
    N15 4JU

  2. It's Si's birthday in a couple of weeks and he got a kindle for Christmas, have you any boyish ones suitable for him?? How are you all?Lucyxxx

    1. Em just said you gave Si one for christmas- great minds!xxx

  3. Couldn't work the "contact me here" link, I love your kindle cases, but I also wanted to ask a denim quilt question, as in can you give me 2 (3)rules to steer me towards the improvisational piecing technique, I suspect all random things are secretly following a few guiding principles?

    1. Hello there, sorry the contact link didn't work, if you'd like a kindle cover email me your address on jisimmons[a]

      As for improvised piecing, seriously there are no rules! Let me know which of the quilts you like and I can tell you how I went about it. You can see the three different styles I've attempted here:

      All the best, Jo

  4. Jo Thank you . Kindle case arrived today and it is really beautiful. I am most touched by your kindness and appreciative of it's loveliness. The quilt I am attempting to emulate is your third one. It has stripey and other pieces of fabric amongst the jeans and you bound it with japanese cotton . I can see how each row is of a differing width but I am wondering what sort of widths you found easiest to work with? I have been going with about 61/2 " so far but want to vary this.