Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A little something for the grannies

Little birthday bags for grannies

What happens when I'm not at home

The trauma of watching my family be on holiday together whilst I cycle off to the (admittedly quite pleasant) grindstone everyday was tempered massively by my return home to this:

My new *permanent* sewing table made by The HusWife and The Son

A lovingly made sewing table by The HusWife and The Son and a place to stash my ever increasing paraphernalia. Ok so the lounge is now somewhat smaller because of it, and I'm chuffed the boys don't mind the sacrifice; but it means no more lugging the machine about the house, no more having to tidy up if I don't want to. Brilliant! Thank you boys x

Friday, 6 August 2010

You've got to love a brand that knows how to please

Ordered a bikini from Selfridges and it arrived almost instantly. Not only that, but I found myself photographing the unboxing (in that slightly nerdy Apple-esque way) because I was so impressed with their attention to detail. First off, this:

Selfridges online delivery packaging

A tiny little Selfridges yellow tab. I nearly wet myself with excitement. Such a lovely playful hint at what I was about to discover. And then this:

Selfridges online delivery packaging - wow

And this:

Selfridges online delivery packaging - fab

And suddenly the £4.95 postage and packaging cost seemed totally worth it. Putting this much effort into a parcel (my parcel), the joyful stickers (Selfridges thinks my choice was a good one!), the layer upon layer of tissue, meant I was all fired up and excited before I even got to the product. B-rilliant. A cracking bit of brand extension. And exactly the reaction I want to foster when I send my stuff to people.

Selfridges online delivery packaging

A different kind of meditation

Making things in singles has been very nice. You know, one thing at a time, enjoying a kind of intimacy with it as you watch it come to life. But now I'm making 10 things at once and so it feels a lot more impersonal in some ways - but I can see the efficiencies of doing it like this. Repeating the same seam/pressing/pinning over and over may mean you can make a whole bunch of things a bit more quickly, but it also sends me into a bit of a zone which I find it altogether very satisfying. Such a virgo.

I think I like the offcuts as much as I like the pattern pieces

Lots and lots of cutting out