Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Feeling slightly less grumpy now

But am absolutely full to the brim with cold. But all things considered much more chirpy. So chirpy in fact, that I'm wondering what I can do with this photo I took last year up in Yarkshire. Quilt-wise most likely. Bed spread-wise or some such. That's when I've finished the 3 quilts currently underway. And the Christmas presents. And written the business plan for the business that I will have launched by the time I'm 40 that I've been spouting my mouth off about.

But isn't it lovely? The colours, the textures - it's got linen and silk velvet written ALL OVER IT.

Ivy on the wall

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Eleven days after I started...

...and I've made 9 presents. Photos to come. I am literally up to my eyeballs in mess and nonsense. Oh and work has kicked off as well. And I'm getting a cold. And it's freezing and dark.

That is all.

Friday, 5 November 2010

My Bernina foot soldiers ready for the battle that is Christmas present making

I spent my day off today getting stuff organised for the Christmas present making onslaught. Everything is now ship shape and ready to go! And these beautiful, wondrous foot soldiers will be helping me in my quest. (Although I'm not planning on using the darning one *obivously*. In fact, I don't plan on using it ever. The only thing that needs darning round here are the big gonad shaped holes in The HusWife's jeans and trust me, it'll take more than a darning foot to solve those)

My Bernina foot soldiers ready for the battle that is Christmas present making

These feet were given to me by The Magnificent Mum as part of my "welcome to sewing" pack. She clearly had a brilliant time putting them together (evidence below, individually cut up pieces of kitchen paper for the feet to "rest" on, hand written labels etc)

Bernina Machine Feet

They are awesome, and such a wonderful present. I am a very, very lucky lady. Thanks Mumsie. x

Brilliant buttons

Button tin



A lovely gift from The Lovely Step Mum who happens to be just a tiny weeny bit bonkers about buttons. She has a chest of drawers full of 'em - I kid yee not. And now some of them are mine! Hurrah for Mums!

Boy prototype!

The man-boys in our family are all going to get the same pressie for Christmas this year. First prototype finished and modelled beautifully by the lovely Frank, our resident skeleton. (Although upon closer inspection I think he may be a she, pelvic bone suggests so). Lovely bit of wool (double thickness for extra snugness) and some home made Liberty print bias binding. Lovely. More colourways to come.

Frank and the Christmas boy scarf prototype

Frank and the Christmas boy scarf prototype

Christmas boy scarf prototype

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

So much to do!

So, have finally stopped sewing strips of denim together like a woman possessed. I decided that as soon as November arrived I need to get my arse in gear and get on with Christmas presents instead. So, the denim quilt isn't finished, but the top is ready and I'm going to get some fleece to back it with and not bother with batting. And then I'll finish it.

I've set myself a slightly deranged and possibly unrealistic timetable of trying to make 2 presents a week during November in order to get everything sorted for Chrimble. Of course, I'm not going to be able to show anything here because of certain snoopers but I might aim for some detailed photos that don't really show the thing. If you see what I mean.

Boy, that machine is going to be smokin'!