Wednesday, 11 August 2010

What happens when I'm not at home

The trauma of watching my family be on holiday together whilst I cycle off to the (admittedly quite pleasant) grindstone everyday was tempered massively by my return home to this:

My new *permanent* sewing table made by The HusWife and The Son

A lovingly made sewing table by The HusWife and The Son and a place to stash my ever increasing paraphernalia. Ok so the lounge is now somewhat smaller because of it, and I'm chuffed the boys don't mind the sacrifice; but it means no more lugging the machine about the house, no more having to tidy up if I don't want to. Brilliant! Thank you boys x


  1. The awesomeness of this is almost more than I can bear. I ought to go post where I'm sewing... the entire sewing population of the universe would feel so much better about themselves if i did!

  2. Indeed it is awesome. I very nearly cried when I saw it. They had spent the afternoon tagging the underneath as well, so there's a crazy hidden side with messages and rude drawings and then my nice clean white side ;-)