Wednesday, 29 December 2010

So how did 2010 work out then?

So here we are. A year ago I was given my lovely green Bernina by The HusWife and The Magnificent Mum and it has been red hot pretty much all year. What started out as bits of fabric manipulation with old table cloths turned into a bag making obsession, which meandered into an ipad cover frenzy, which then morphed into a (lets face it) pretty bloody marvelous quilting obsession, with the odd tangent down purse and scarf making ally. I have had a bloody lovely year learning how to do all this new stuff and I thought it would be a good idea to review what I've made over the last year and have some thoughts about what my sewing goals will be for 2011. First up, this years creative endeavours:

Taken from my flickr set, this is a mixture of actual things and experiments. I was going to separate the images out but I love how these are displayed together. A quick count shows that this year I made:

3 notebook holders
1 peg bag
9 handbags
7 tote bags
15 ipad covers
1 allotment bag
1 baby dress
1 pencil case
2 zipped granny purses
9 scarves
7 purses
1 denim quilt


And for 2011? What shall I be doing? Well I have 2 other quilts on the go that will need finishing early in the year. I'd like to make a wall hanging of some description for our lounge. Other than that I feel pretty open to anything. I think it would be good to go back to some fabric manipulation and see what comes of it. And use each of the machine feet The Magnificent Mum gave me. Yes, even the darning one. Oh, and maybe sneak in a business plan. I'm so looking forward to year 2 of my sewing experiment. Bring. It. On.

Monday, 27 December 2010

What I made in December can finally see the light of day!

What a brilliant and fab Christmas we have had! So lucky to see family (although sad not to see everyone due to snow) and much merriment drinking Slippery Nipples, playing Cockney Scrabble (East Enders inspired) and going midnight Bag-Sledging (TM). Feeling about 2 stones heavier but luckily, not as skint as usual as I made a lot of presents this year. The good news is that they seemed to go down well; everyone said they were thrilled. It's so good to know that they liked them receiving them, I liked making them = everyone is happy! So, here they are:

Lovely Christmas pressie purses for ladies

Lovely Christmas pressie purses for ladies

I love the jewel like quality of these purses. It was such fun to use my nice fabrics and make them all luxurious and gorgeous. I put little gifts in each one, ranging from Links of London mirror compacts to nipple tassles and er, some other somewhat risqué items that shall remain nameless!

Next up are the boy scarves:

Lovely woolen christmas pressie scarves for men

I used wools and cashmere from The Cloth House and then Liberty print for the binding, all hand sewn. A labour of love but definitely worth it!

A christmas pressie scarf for a man - style 5

A christmas pressie scarf for a man - style 4

A christmas pressie scarf for a man - style 3

A christmas pressie scarf for a man - style 2

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The denim quilt is finished!

Finally, finally, finished my first quilt. I was so blown away when I discovered the Gee's Bend quilts - it seemed to make perfect sense to use up all our old jeans that have been hanging around. The HusWife goes through jeans like nobodys business (it's his balls of steel, apparently) so there was plenty to work with. I used 2 colours of fleece as the backing and some nice corduroy (or needlecord, not sure) for the binding. It so super cosy, very strokey and I love it. It feels great to have made something so massive and useful and interesting. I can't wait to get cracking on more.

Quilt No.1 - Denim

 The binding and backing and top all moosh together in one big coochy mess of loveliness :-)

It was a labour of love unpicking all the pockets from the back and then unpicking all the stitching on the pockets themselves, but I love the marks that came around because of that.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A beautiful bag for a beautiful sister

Today is my little sister Emma's 30th birthday and so a special bag was called for. Here it is, modeled beautifully by Frank our resident skeleton.
Frank modelling the very special bag for a very special lady
It is a small version of The Sidewalk Satchel by Anna Maria made in a beaut embroidered silk and a dupion lining. It is very strokey and very lovely and I rather wish it was mine, which means it is perfect for a special birthday.

Very special bag detail