Monday, 1 March 2010

Highly illegal material purchasing

So I've gone and broken my own rule of not buying any material until I've used all my old jeans and clothes and what not that's lying around. But, but, but it's little sister's birthday coming up and I fancy having a crack at a tote bag that I saw on The Beauty is in the Detail (such lovely stuff, go and have a look). And lets face it, much as sis loves me I'm sure she doesn't want my knackered old jeans as a present. So somehow I have to work out a pattern as obviously it'll need a lining and a pocket thing for keys, and maybe one for her purse and oooh should it fit all her school work in or be a fancy bag for Saturday shopping, and maybe it should be personalised with her initials or..or ...hmmm, simples.


  1. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for the name check! *blushing*

    You sound like me this time last year - although having a "creative" day job sometimes you need a real bit of craftiness that is all your own!

    Collecting fabrics is just the start - think of all the buttons, threads, beads, ribbons, brooch backs you can gather and find funky storage boxes for!!

    Good Luck!! (and hope you have lots of space!!)


  2. Hi Shelley,

    I know I know, I already need to get some storage to house everything, and is it normal to have dreams about seams?!

    It's the making of something real and tangible that I love, I mostly do digital work which feels so sterile sometimes..

    Anyhoo, bag pattern coming on well :-) Hopefully have it made by the weekend!