Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Learning patience

As I'm now on my sixth? Seventh? ipad cover I've been getting all wound up about things going wrong. Angry that a seam isn't straight, or a piece doesn't quite fit, or a label is wonky. If we're going to sell these puppies, in my mind, they have to be perfect. Not slightly dodgy home made but brilliantly handmade. But last night (as I unpicked some velcro) it dawned on me that it's just like my day job work. A design I do for a website or app never gets signed off straight away, there are always modifications and adjustments to make, so why would it be any different for sewing? I know it's not a world changing realisation, but it helped me from throwing a major wobbly last night. So I'm going to be taking my time over them and not get cross if I need to redo bits because they're not perfect first time. It was a light bulb moment for me. Efforts in = results out. If I take it slowly and concentrate, then the work will be good.

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