Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My creative space

Today I'm going to start cutting into this little lot:

Manly fabrics

Well I say little, there are quite a few more out of shot :-). I'm making a man quilt, so it's all block colour (mostly, bar the odd bit of gorgeous weave) and it's cashmere, silk, wool, linen, denim, corduroy, silk velvet. These fabrics have been staring at me for 2 months whilst I finished off a few other bits and pieces. Now, my babies, your time has come.

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  1. I like the addition of the pink velvety looking fabric near the top! Nice selection!

  2. It looks like it'll be wonderfull, i love the green velvet!

  3. What cosy looking colours and textures, makes me feel all snug just looking at it!