Saturday, 13 August 2011

A bit of time out with the fellas.

Have mostly been holidaying with my dudes in Devon for the last week. In the rain, mostly. But hell, it matters not as we had a lovely time. Hurrah for holidays in the rain!

Wet us

There was the odd cloud parting moment, and I (along with the rest of Devon) naturally bared all as quickly as possible. And now I have comedy sunburn stripes down the left hand side of both legs and a zorro mark across the middle of my tummy. I will never learn.

Where's Ollie?

Look how mental the beach got?! Loving the stripey colours of summer though - blue, red, yellow. Might use it as inspiration for my next denim quilt ;-)

In other news, a massive amount of making about to take place as the boys are leaving for the west country for 3 days, and I am to be left home alone. I'll miss them LOADS as we've been in each others pockets for 10 days but I'm also reaaally looking forward to time spent crafting. And not tidying up my craft. And eating girl food. And maybe having a sneaky lie in too.

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