Thursday, 15 September 2011

Exactly what have I been up to?!

Crickey. Nearly a whole month since my last post. But I haven't been slacking - no! I have mostly been sitting in a jacuzzi drinking champagne :-) It will soon be my 40th birthday and I decided that the only way to celebrate was to get my buddies together in the same place for much merriment. We went to a lovely converted barn in Holt Norfolk and spent a long weekend on the beach, in the garden, and in the jacuzzi! Such excellent fun and a massive treat to have everyone together hanging out. B-rilliant.

The barn we were staying in even had my initials on the outside. Wierd.

My initials

There were some fine quilts on the wall, which I meant to photograph properly, but in the end the only evidence of them was this photo - a bit of Daddy daycare:

Daddy daycare

The Magnificent Mum has a beach hut and lent it to us for the day:

Team photo

And of course, The HusWife and Patrice felt utterly compelled to wear my running shorts and do a spot of old fashioned gentleman's athletics:

Showing off

And Becci cooked me a most delicious and chocolately birthday cake:

We heart Jo!

Hurrah! And hurrah again for great times with great friends! Other photos over on flickr

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