Monday, 13 February 2012

When quilts end up in the right home

Last year was a massive denim quilt year for me. I made quite a few; the fact is, I love making them. It's like a love/hate tussle whilst they're in production, and I think the endless sewing and cutting and sewing will never end. But then it does and I fall  a little bit in love with each one. And then they get sold or given away. I always wonder what they end up looking like in their new homes - if they're used, or folded up and put away only to be brought out on the coldest days.

So, as a thank you to the many kindly souls who donated their old denim to me last year, I did a prize draw to win one such quilt.

The "Who is going to win a denim quilt" prize draw 01

Santa's Little Helper was the official responsible for a fair draw:

The "Who is going to win a denim quilt" prize draw 04

And thus it came to pass that Alex was the winner:

The "Who is going to win a denim quilt" prize draw 06

And so the denim quilt was dispatched to Suffolk to be enjoyed by Alex and his family. But I realised that I hadn't taken any photos of the quilt, and given my somewhat Virgoan obsession with cataloging everything I make, I asked if he could take a few snapshots of it when he had a sec.

And here they are. But of course, Alex didn't take a few snapshots did he? Oh no. He got his photographer mate to take some didn't he? Oh yes. So for once, I can offer some actual proper profesh photos for your delectation and delight:

Denim quilt
(Loving the blue tester patch on the wall, matches the quilt nicely, no?)

Denim quilt

Denim quilt detail

Denim quilt detail

Denim quilt detail

These are lovely photos indeed. But the best bit for me, are all the wrinkles and crinkles that show it is being used. I hear reports of it keeping poorly little boys nice and snuggly as they recouperate on the sofa, and helping knackered big boys recover from a hectic working week as they watch dvds with their beloveds. And there is nothing better than that in my book.

This quilt definitely found the right home.

(Images by James McDonald)


  1. Beautiful! I'm working on a old denim jeans quilt, too. Lovely to see yours.

  2. Hi Jo, I havnt blogged for an age and was having a look around at what other have been up to. Noticed you hadnt blogged either! Just wondering what you had been working on recently. :-) kt

  3. Just wanted you to know your jeans quilt is the inspiration for making one myself! I looked at lots of images on the internet, and yours is my favorite!