Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Getting obsessed with velvet

These days if I have time to myself, I mooch around fabric shops, touching everything and generally perving out on luscious colours and textures. I spend quite a bit of time doing such things in Berwick Street, so really I should don a mac to fit in with the locals! Anyhoo, I had been thinking about velvet quite a lot as this month's cover of Elle Deco has some sort of quilt type thing casually flung over an exquisite chair - it looks like there is plenty of velvet used. So I was thinking about where one might be able to buy velvet in lots of colours. I walked into the Cloth House on Berwick Street and the very very first display was this:

Silk Velvet at The Cloth House
Now, you may or may not believe in the power of the mind to summon up your desires, or in guardian angels that lead you towards greater things etc, but I ask you. I felt a bit spooked. I think I stood there for half an hour looking at the lovely colours and trying to work out what colours I would use. But look at that photo again and I dare you to disagree that the collection of colours on each shelf would make a perfect quilt in their own right. I then found out that it costs £28/metre. And I stood there a bit longer biting my nails trying to work out if I could afford any (I couldn't). And so I wait impatiently for pay day. I hope it's all still there. I think my angel would want that to be so.

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