Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A very supportive family

I am fortunate enough to have a cracking family. We all have our own malfunctions and what have you but I dare you to show me a family that hasn't! They are supportive of all this mad sewing stuff and as such, have been known to pop by this blog from time to time. Hello there Mum, Georgie, Lucy, Emma, Gill! Whilst this is lovely, it means at certain key times I can't post here, because they then know what they're getting for their birthdays! So here is Gill's birthday shopper, made some time ago but now ready to see the light of day.

Gillian's birthday bag

I used three different upholstery weight fabrics on the outside (the black is LUSH) and the grosgrain is VV Rouleaux. You can't really see on the photo but the lining is a lovely Liberty print. Made my first zip pocket inside. I think it could have done with a solid bottom (couldn't we all), but you live and learn :-) Happy birthday Gill!

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