Sunday, 20 March 2011

Stitch & Craft show in Olympia by Twisted Threads

Me + The Magnificent Mum + a free Friday + wads of cash + Stitch & Craft show = one helluva bulging stash! I have never in my life heard such a racket, 100s of women of a certain age chit chatting and rummaging around 100s of stalls, all being lovely and helpful and polite. I didn't know what to expect, it being my first craft show, and yes, there were plenty of embroidered kittens on offer; but there were also excellent fabric stalls and clever, interesting people making mad crafts.

The stash I cultivate these days is somewhat different to the stash I used to cultivate

I bought all the things I've wanted to try out for a while - weird bent safety pins for quilting, basting spray, freezer paper as well as some Paul Smith shirting to make some aprons and some other fabrics that were just too gorgeous to ignore.

Mum bought a load of Georgio Armani silk (oooh, get her) and these mad knitting needles by Ingrid Wagner to show her knitting class next week. Ingrid uses waste selvages from industrial weaving to knit rugs on these huge needles - they look lovely, and Mum is going to have a go.
(Picture below from Ingrid's flickr stream)

Big Knitting

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