Monday, 25 April 2011

Blue skies, sea winds and good times

I love London. I really do. And then I hate it just as much, as it can be so in your face and crowded and miserable and impersonal and I want to up sticks and leave. We are fortunate enough to have distributed our family far and wide to many picturesque locations in the UK and we've just returned from an utterly brilliant stay at The Magnificent Mum's. North Norfolk. By the sea. Beach hut an' all. Plenty of vino and banter and beach action and walks and sleeps and general lazing about. Just what a bunch of tired, hang dog Londoners needed. Thanks Mum, you rock.

Easter wishes sent up in a big candle thing

Big Sis sending up one of those lantern things. It took our Easter wishes up with it.

Uncle and nephews

Uncle Charlie actually smiling which is a rare, rare thing.

Trouble most definitely flocks together

And these two have trouble written all over them. Happy days. There was much sewing talk between The Magnificent Mum, Big Sis and me. But it was definitely a case of all talk and no action ;-)

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  1. I totally agree, Londoners need to escape every once in a while. What a luxury to be able to visit the beach!