Thursday, 28 April 2011

My creative space - my nervously beating heart!

My friend Annie is getting married in a few weeks time and she asked me a while back if I would make a bag for her to have on the day for all her bits and pieces - lippy and what have you. Such an honour to be asked! And of course, time slips on by without you realising... and suddenly I only have a tiny window of time to get it made as we are away for the next 3 weekends. And we have all these crazy bank holiday weekends (I'm not complaining, mind) Cue much panicking and mopping of brow and holding of a limp wristed back of hand to forehead. I have a rough design:


And some fabric chosen by Annie - a nice bit of dupion that she saw and lunged at like it was a long lost friend, plus this fancy twinkly netting stuff:


And I made one of these tiny little cuties recently and thought that scaling the pattern up would be straightforward...


But no. The bigger frame I bought is curved rather than straight and every test I've done so far looks a bit shocking and rubbish. A bit too puffy in the bottom area (a problem I seem to share at the mo, all that Easter choc) and an odd shape and not very glam.

I shall no doubt be continuing on into the wee small hours. Getting very sweaty about this one. Help!

For some successful creative brilliance, try Kootoyoo.

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  1. Looks like it will be pretty. Good Luck getting it done!