Monday, 20 September 2010

How to triple your sewing stash... one weekend. Go and stay with my Mum! We had a brilliant time mooching around all the local sewing shops in Norfolk when I went to visit this weekend. I want a long term sewing project as well as all the quicky bits and pieces I do, so I'm going to embark on a quilt. Not only did I end up buying my own body weight in fabric, but also a cutting board, rotary cutter thingy, books, and all sorts of haberdashery things "just in case". That'll be beans on toast for the next month for me then.

Fabric stash
And of course, it is so ridiculously picturesque at The Magnificent Mum's that there are an abundance of chichi chairs in her gorgeous garden to photograph the stash on.

The fabric stash on a nice chair in an even nicer garden
Immediately upon my return to Old Londres I got cracking on the rotary cutter and have managed to saw up (technical term) half the material already. Am going to use the "log cabin" technique as it is fairly quick to bring to life apparently. Exciting stuff.

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