Monday, 20 September 2010

Quilting. Snoresville, right?

Yeah that's what I thought. And part of me still does given that most of the quilts I've seen just look a bit, well, beige, to me. Now, don't get me wrong, I am utterly appreciative of the time, effort & skill involved in creating one; I think they are works of art - and I loved the V&A Quilts exhibition, but come on. Don't they all just look a bit old fashioned? So, having told The Magnificent Mum this she thrust some quilting books in my direction, sat me down in her perfect garden with a cup of tea and a slice of ginger cake and forced me to change my mind. I saw these two designs and nearly cried.

Quilt design

Quilt design
Now this is much more like it. I love the heavily graphical nature of these - restricted colour palette, a bit more kick arse than your average quilt. I suspect the one I'm going to do is going to look quite trad when I've finished with it (it is going to be a gift for a special occasion) but I'm defo going to do one for myself that has some balls.

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