Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My creative space is getting ready

I have a few weeks until my first stall and things are hotting up. Most of my patterns and prototypes are ready and I've started to get organised. Doing multiples of one pattern has such a different vibe to making a single piece from start to finish. It sort of de-personalises each product a bit, but I also find it strangely therapeutic to do the same seam over and over, and the same bit of pressing, and then a different seam over and over. And before you know it, you're making progress! Lots to do, and I haven't even started to think about how to dress the stall yet. If any of you lovelies have some good tips for a first timer then, please help :-). A cracking list of things to remember over at Handmadeology was shared by Kt from Thisel and Bean, and I've found some groups on Flickr...

But in the meantime some hot off the press sneaky peeks. Lots of cutting out:

Lots of cutting out

A little bit of appliqué with some saucy minxes:

A saucy minx

A saucy minx

A saucy minx

Some very "now right now" colour blocking:

Colour blocking

And some fabric combos that still need a bit of work methinks:

Hmm fabric choices not quite right yet

Lots of creative goodness over at Our Creative Spaces.


  1. production in full swing then! It does feel different doesnt it! I've been amazed at how much time some things that I have in my mind as comparitively quick actually take. Love the cheeky applique! p.s. Thanks for the mention :-) Glad the link was useful!

  2. Looking good!! Hope it all goes well.. and I love the fabric combo in the last picture :)

  3. Hi Jo,

    Selling at a craft fair is one of my things to do within the next year, and although I've not taken the plunge yet (and so have no personal tips!) I have been saving links to useful info.

    Handmade Jane has a blog post on craft fair tips -

    Brighton craftganza blog post on how to dress a knockout craft stall -

    Also, I went to the Bust Craftacular in York Hall last year. I didn't have enough foresight to take my camera and take pics myself, but there's load on flickr which you can trawl to figure out what you think works (and what doesn't).

    Good luck - loving the colour blocking!


  4. They look fabulous! I'm predicting more than just a bit of voracious nibbling at that stall ;) Good luck! K

  5. good luck with the stall. I am sure you will be a hit..
    thanks for stopping by

  6. Completely forgot to mention that Duckie are holding a workshop on Saturday. It might not be completely relevant to you though - seems to be more about developing your ideas to sell at their christmas market. More info here -

  7. Hi Jo - love your applique work, very saucy and fun! I'm working on multiples of patterns too for my next fair - there's something satisfying about it, if you can intersperse it with originals (it can also drive you batty I find!)

    My best tip for your first fair is to set up a mock stall at home and take photographs of it - I still do it 'cos I don't do very many fairs - saves a heap of time faffing about on the day :)

  8. Hope the stall goes well for you! I have no advice to offer as I've never got the courage up to give it a go, but I think that cheeky applique will sell really well!

  9. I imagine it would be pretty exciting having your first stall, it sounds like you're getting nice and organised. Enjoy the preparations, everything looks great so far. :)