Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Something ticked off the list...

...but may it be a lesson to me about what happens when you rush things. I spent ages looking for a label supplier; so long my eyes were bleeding and I was despairing of ever finding anything that looked classy but wasn't going to stop me from feeding my family. I eventually found a company that seemed to fit the bill and their samples were great. Got some deadlines you see (The Cally Fest on 3 July amongst others) and needed to get on it.

So I supplied artwork, and they sent artwork back to me saying, "We've done jiggling about... blah blah etc etc... is this correct..?" (or thereabouts) and I took all of a nanosecond to look at it and replied, "Yeah! Ace! Brill! Get cracking!" Which they did.

A gigantic box of labels

They arrived today and whilst the quality is excellent, I've realised that the text is way too large within the area of the label.

They look small on something as gigantic as The Man Quilt:

Label on quilt

But look a bit, er, gigantic on something as small as a purse:

Label in purse

And I've got 1000 of 'em. They're cool and everything, but crickey. Lesson learnt: Slow down a bit Jo Simmons.

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