Monday, 27 June 2011

Another brilliant bloke

I love those 'happen chance' moments; you know when you're thinking you need to find a solution to a problem and the very next moment the problem is solved by the world presenting the answer there and then...

I need some bags for my stall (should the minor miracle occur that someone wants to buy something); I was on my bike, daydreaming about this very matter and as I looked up there was Gardners staring at me.

It is a most brilliant and excellent shop, run by the most brilliant and excellent Paul, who is charming, helpful and has a million squillion bags to choose from.

Gardners Bag Merchant

Gardners Bag Merchant

Gardners Bag Merchant

There is an excellent article on Spitalfields Life about our Paul, read it and marvel. He and his family have had the shop for 4 generations and he is just about surviving the regeneration of the local area. Rents have sky rocketed since it got all chi-chi around the market so we must all go and buy bags from Paul. Because when you can buy BRILLIANT black and white candy stripe paper bags for literally pennies from a man who holds respect for his customers in higher regard than profit, then that can only be good thing.

You can find Paul at 149 Commercial Street, London E1 6BJ.

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