Friday, 1 July 2011

A wonky denim quilt

I've been on a mental making mission this month. I decided to ignore all the annoying voices in my head that said it was pointless trying to sell my craft and got myself a stall at The Cally Festival on Sunday. Hence, I've been making all sorts of goodies, ipad and kindle sleeves, purses, clutches, totes (the list goes on..) and I finally got round to thinking about dressing the stall. I'd done a denim test a little while ago and liked what I saw, so thought, "Maybe I could make a denim quilt to hang ever so artistically across the stall.." So in between all the mentalness of major late nights sewing all my products I put this puppy together:

Denim quilt

And out of everything I've made this month, I think it has brought me the most pleasure. Now I know it may not be to everyones taste but I love the scrappiness, the randomness, the inclusion of the pockets and it's wonky nature.

Denima quilt detail

I did simple diagonal quilt lines (I think you can just make them out) and used a hodge podge of scraps for the binding.

Denim quilt detail

Denim quilt binding detail

I'm pretty chuffed with it and I think it'll be lovely to display on my stall. The big question I have though, is what if someone wants to buy it? How on earth do you price quilts? I have no idea how long it took as it was done in fits and starts and I had all the material bits and pieces already... It's about 150cm x 160cm and properly wonky. Help me please...what would you price it at??

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  1. Love the quilt - especially the wonky pockets. If someone offers to buy it think of a price - and then double it!

  2. Quite inspiring. I have a bin of denim scraps leftover from a class rag rug project (disastrous--"here, mary, you sew, you figure out how to do it!") and i've been meaning to put them to good use as you clearly have. maybe i have a christmas present for my brother staring me in the face! thanks for the idea! Not sure how I'd price it, though... Alas, I have no help to offer you in return for your gift...