Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wait. No. Surely not. Some actual planning?

Yuh actually, some. Nearly finished the denim quilt and already thinking about what to do next. The product making for my next stall has gone pretty well thus far and I'm feeling a little ahead of the game so thought I'd work on another quilt. Have got quite a few left overs from the man quilt, and some additional tweedy bits so I think man quilt No.2 is in the offing. I want to try something different with this one though, so instead of my usual bull-in-a-china-shop action I'm going to have a little think. First idea: big chunky pieces of tweedy fabric, then strips of less chunky bits using some of the fine linens and cashmeres...

Quilt planning

Quilt planning

The bottom line of this swatch card is mostly to be disregarded because it is evil silk velvet and we all know how I feel about sewing it.

Oh and 150cm x 150cm is my new best friend. A manageable size to handle through my ancient Bernina, it means less swearing, a bit more control and enough snuggly coverage on chilly evenings. Perfect-o.

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