Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The man quilt! It lives!


You know when you start a project and it's all exciting and you love the material and you just go for it and it's all brilliant? And then you get side tracked with other stuff, and the impetus to finish just sorts of drifts away? Yeah, that.

But now it's finished and I'm chuffed to bits. And not a moment too soon! It's a wedding present for a friend and going to its new home shortly. Man, I hope they like it.

First the fabrics. Oh yeah.

Manly fabrics

And then a first test to check all will be groovy. Everyone agreed pink shiny fabric was OUT.

Fabric test

(Then a gap of about 3 months)

Then some planning. Actually "some" is a little generous. Not that much.

Man quilt

Admiring the homemade manicure  (comments have ranged from, "Gosh, you did a lot of gardening at the weekend." to "It looks like you've dipped your fingers in tar.") And check the new walking foot, sent from the gods. Well, from The Magnificent Mum.

Nails and walking foot

Then a wrestle of epic proportions began. And thus, The HusWife's cycling gloves came in handy. Look at my lovely Bernina. I do love it so. (Note to self, learn to take better photos)

The Epic Wrestle (TM)

And now here it is, photographed in bad light, looking a bit crumpled, on a crap camera. Better photo to follow.

In bad light

Things I've learnt:

1) Silk velvet is evil and no longer welcome in my house. Its silky shimmering charms lure you in and then it mocks and teases you and refuses to be sewn. Ick.
2) I am never ever making another quilt this size ever again.
3) I really need to take better photos.

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And the slightly less moody (but still a bit moody) and slightly better (only slightly) photo...

The man quilt


  1. It may have had it's maddening moments, but the quilt looks wonderful!


  2. It's excellent - really excellent. Love your colour and fabric choices. Silk velvet IS evil - it's not welcome at my place either!

  3. looks very cool, love the colors!

  4. I LOVE it.. great winter colours! I want it for me, a lady not a man :D

    Yes Silk velvet is TOTALLY evil.. ha ha ha

  5. Bahaha at silk velvet being evil. I have never sewn with it and now I don't intend to try!

    Your quilt does look great though!

  6. Congrats, it looks fab! They'll love it! I love the light, looks moody, cosy, inviting. By I'm dying to know, why not this size ever again?

  7. That is beautiful Jo, you are oh so so so clever! Can't wait to see you at the week end, big love Em xxxxx

  8. Worth the effort in the end - this quilt is gorgeous!

  9. RESULT! It was worth all the pain - it looks awesome even in the low light!

  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments. Glad we're all in agreement about that silk velvet! Alisa, this is the biggest quilt I've ever made and was a too too much to cope with on my tiny machine. Knowing me I WILL do another one, but it won't be for aaaaaggess.

  11. Oh wow the coolest quilt I've seen in ages and ages and ages - too cool for school

  12. Love the last photo, and the quilt too!

  13. Love the man quilt!! It really is impressive with it's girth and warm dark colors. I've got three boys so lots of manly quilts in my future too.