Friday, 6 May 2011

Waking up early has its benefits

I've been setting the alarm early so I can write every morning before getting the boys up and at 'em and starting the mad rush to get ready for school/work. And so far this week, this is what I've seen out of our lounge window. Lovely.

The benefits of early rising

At this time of morning our estate is so quiet you can hear the birds and there is no-one around. A rare silence. The leaves move about in the gentle wind and the sun dapples about on my face. B-rilliant. The longer I live in London the more important the odd 5 minutes of quiet becomes. I am very fond of my early mornings. Slightly less fond of the bags under my eyes though. Hey ho. You make your choices.


  1. I dream of getting up early to enjoy that peace... but then sadly I carry on dreaming... I dont do well without my sleep!

  2. Certainly it takes a little getting used to, but I miss it now if I don't do it. I just employ my right to afternoon snoozes at the weekend to catch up!