Sunday, 22 May 2011

made in clerkenwell

I had a very nice time mooching around the studios at Craft Central on Friday after a mental day running about on errands. It was great to see all the designers working away in their studios or hanging out being groovy. There was a good mix of jewellery, interiors, textiles and printmaking with a couple of stand out people that I had nice chats with.

First up was Vic Lee, who goes round drawing different streets in London, and then hand renders a potted history of the street in lovely type too. Now, clearly there's a lot of "Ooh, lets draw all the iconic buildings in London" going on with lots of designers, but there was something about this guys work that drew me in.

His work just seemed to have a bit more soul, hand drawn, wobbly bits and all, and then hand printed beautifully.

He hasn't got much northside stuff yet, but promises me that Highbury Corner is in the offing later this year. Can't wait.

Next up was Davina Hawthorne. Such a lovely, friendly soul and an absolutely cracking designer maker. I fell in love with one of her frocks and she whisked me off to try it on immediately. It's this gorgeous beauty:

 I have to make a decision really quickly if I want one or not, as it'll take 2 weeks from ordering it to having it in my sweaty's a lot of money for me to spend on a frock, but I have 2 very special weddings to go...the first is on 11th June....ooooh...can I justify it? It's so gorgeous, I might regret it if I don't...


  1. Yes yes yes! it is gorgeous Jo! you hardly ever buy yourself girly bits so it should be a yes! also you would look stunning in it and it will look lovely with norgeous' red dress and our navy blue bridesmaid dresses for Em's wedding! Will continue to persuade you this weekend! Lucyxxxx

  2. OK Lucy, just what I needed to tip me over the'll be beans on toast for a month now :-)

  3. Glad u r going for the dress. It's awesome. That guys drawings really draw u in dont they! I used to work on exmouth market. Love that picture. P.s. the paper was from scribbler at canary wharf apparently.