Saturday, 9 January 2010

The best Christmas present I've ever received

So my darling Mum and HusWife Lukey bought me this little green beauty for Christmas after a casual conversation over some fine red wine one night in November. "I want to start making more stuff!" I declared. I've dabbled in a bit of craft malarky here and there; you know, made some cards, done a bit of "art", messed about with chairs, and played with fabric, but sort of always feel like there is more to do. And I'm so fed up with all the rubbish on Freeview that I want to get cracking on some projects that keep me gainfully occupied and fulfill my desire to make stuff that actually exists (12 years of being a digital designer takes its toll)

I have never paid much attention to sewing (despite Mum lecturing in fashion and constantly making stuff for people - gorgeous, beautiful and detailed pieces) and I haven't really got much clue as to where to start. But I have the desire, a copy of the Readers Digest Book of Sewing and having just spring cleaned the wardrobe, got some bits of material to play. Brace yourselves - lets go!

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