Thursday, 14 January 2010

Zigazig Aaah

I think I've worked out a way to get round my impetuous impulses. Instead of trying to be all rad and gung ho with the type of sewing that really requires proper technique and practice (like mitred corners and a million other things I need to learn) I thought it might be an idea to focus the gung ho-ness on some embroidery type stuff. And then take those experiments and make stuff from them (like my sketch book covers) that forces me to practice proper technique.

So in that spirit, I had a play with zig zagging, and zagging my zigs: widths and lengths and all sorts of exciting things seemed to happen and it made me have an idea to use for a cover. A sort of Medussa-esque zig zag explosion with a button in the middle that will be the closing device. I know I'm a bit nonsensical, I'm in the zone and you're just going to have to go with me on this one. It's going to ROCK. (But only if I get my hands on some interfacing, I think)

1 comment:

  1. This is the best way to approach something - experiment, relax, breathe deeply and go crazy!!