Thursday, 21 January 2010

Who'd have thought a delayed plane would be a good thing?

So it has been a whole week since my mad spurt of zigging. The day job has been properly mental and so I haven't had much time to get the machine out. BUT, I did get stuck in Geneva airport on a work trip and had oodles of time to kill and found myself idly fiddling with my passport cover (gawd knows why I own one of those). It is only EXACTLY the same design as my sketch book cover, but has a much better system for the edges and folds and what not (of course it does, it's a properly made thingy) so I've copied it (sort of) and finished my second cover. Super excited about this one, it is far better than the last and thus my sewing report this week would say "Much improved. But could do better".

It's too late and too dark to take photos now, but will do toute suite and whack 'em up when I've got a mo. The big question though is, what to try next? Hmmm... a bit of reverse patch work methinks.

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