Thursday, 14 January 2010

Buying useful sewing kit online

You know how it goes. You find yourself obsessed with a new hobby but that pesky thing called The Day Job prevents you from finding groovy back street shops and looking at buttons and ribbon all day. I've been thinking I need to find some online resources for buying cool stuff that I need (and all the not so cool, pretty boring, but absolutely essential stuff too). The Magnificent Mum mentioned somewhere near John Lewis that was great for Bernina stuff and I happened to stumble across it today ONLINE. Oh great joy of joys. This is the badger:

And The Magnificent Mum says it's the best place ever. It looks like it quite possibly could be. Until I get to actually step foot in it and have a good rummage (looking less likely due to some killer deadlines at the ole office) then I shall be rummaging on their lovely looking website instead. Macculloch & Wallis

I do hope they like beginners like me that ask inane and endless questions. If anyone has any other great London stores or UK online resources I'd love to know.

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